Driving out to Cape Mendocino, my colleagues and I hit upon an idea. Vanes started the whole thing as we rolled up to the coast, and looked out from the westernmost point of western civilisation.

After all these years of research, all this thinking and designing for other people, he said, what could we do with our experience?

Throw it out of the car window, I said. If all these trips to America have taught us anything, it’s to start from zero.

The idea amused Vanes. He’s fascinated by geometry – nothing makes him happier than drawing out a perfect circle. First principles, he said. Basics. Nothing more than that.

Well then, I said, squinting out towards where I supposed Japan must be, where do we begin? What do we all have in common?

We’re all men, said Vanes, helpfully.

And we’re all wearing shirts, said Ersatz. He doesn’t speak much, Mr. Ersatz. But when he does, it’s usually spot-on.

We each were wearing a shirt, and each shirt was slightly different from whilst being at the same time a brother to the others. I was wearing a button down, Vanes a regular that his father had shipped out to him from London, and Mr. Ersatz – well, Mr. Ersatz is always a little experimental. His was a straight hem chambray denim shirt. What else could a man need?

As we drove off we had it. Vanes is crazy for the golden ratio. Ersatz keeps a scrapbook of colour harmonies – he feels they play on the human brain like a piano’s hammers on its strings. I myself can’t get to sleep at night thinking about…… You’ll see this amongst our other obsessions on this website. But in the end, none of that matters. We hope you like our shirts, because that’s what we do best.

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